We drove all over everywhere trying to get what we needed to set up the square foot garden. At one point this meant that a man used a tractor (?) to pick up a million pounds of pea gravel and pour it in our truck, on top of our other stuff. We barely made it home. And then we dumped it on the ground and went out for other stuff! And later realized we might have put something under the gravel before dumping it out in an irretrievable manner in the yard. Oh well. With much mixing of composts, vermiculite, and peat moss on our huge tarp, we made what feels like amazing soil, and the whole thing looks mad fertile. A woman at Wallace told me when I can plant what, and the man at Burson’s just smiled us into buying lots of things. Bill fixed the wheelbarrow with a new wheel. Omar ran around and also napped in the shade. : why we came.

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