The owl is so big! I hope the deer are safe. And the feral cats who pee under my house.

Temperatures have been in the 90s for a week now. The clinic’s air conditioning quit yesterday afternoon, with a dog-attacked cat’s abdomen open on the surgery table. The heat, the blood, the sweating doctor, the southern accents all combine to feel very Civil War-era-medicine. Or like Deadwood if you swap out bladder-stoned Al Swearingen for a hematoma’d pointer mix! The biggest ear hematoma I’d ever seen, too—ear out horizontal and bubbled like a cartoon airplane wing.

Today a 2 pound 2 month old chihuahua wriggled out of my hand and leapt sideways causing it to plummet 5 feet BONK onto the tile floor, causing me to look as though I’d dropped a puppy out a 10 story window (of like a dog office building). It yelped and cried and I yelped and scooped it up and put in on the table, where it crapped like crazy. I apologized to the owner and she said “Oh, it happens…I know, I’ve got grandbabies!”  I pictured her grandbabies wiggling out of people’s arms and falling far onto tile floors and that seemed much worse that what had just happened, but then I got that she was comparing me to a grandbaby that drops dogs, not the dropped dog to a dropped grandbaby. Flattering! Anyway, the dog was fine. It had puked all over its sister’s head on the way to the clinic and I presume it did so on the ride home too, which is even funnier because I wouldn’t have to clean it up.

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