The South Is Complicated, Inconveniencing the Simple

Carrollton has been in HuffPo, Time, and Perez Hilton’s brain lately for a reason they all think illustrates the stupidity of every person living in the South: the city’s community theater group was going to put on Rocky Horror, then the mayor saw some footage of a rehearsal and cancelled it as being too racy for the city to sponsor. True story, and dumb! But also true: within like 20 minutes there was a facebook group of “save rocky horror/raise money for it to be performed privately!” with 3000 Carrolltonian members. Sorry, legions of asshole comment-posters: the South is not a planet at war with Brooklyn and Portland.

Also true: in the picture above, you see some purple lights and a man with a pink headband. He is covered in makeup and singing Purple Rain for all he’s worth. He’s got pink furry boots on, and he’s wearing teen-skank jeans and half a shirt. Other people in the band are named Johnny Depp and Sexual Chocolate, and all of them are either black, flouting conventions of heteronormative self-presentation, mohawked, or all three. They played in the town square as part of a pep rally for Homecoming. As in FOOTBALL.  All the frat boys and moms in attendance were eating out of that singer’s hand, both when he explained where he tans and why, and when he said “You know why we always have a 30-foot American flag behind us? Because we think being able to play this shit in the streets in pink boots is valuable.”

Certain people are always going to chant U-S-A, and we choose to live among them, rather than exclusively with our co-liberals. I’m happy to be in a place where that chant celebrates a guy in crop top, and mom and frat boys, and Johnny Depp.

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