Merbie Interviews the Season: Violets

Merbie: Oh my god, y’all, it is 84 degrees today! I’m out with my special remote watering crew today, and I’m gonna interview a bunch of stuff, starting with some violets!

Violets: Hi Merbie!

Merbie: Y’all have to let me know if this is too much water, ok? We don’t want you drowning!

Violets: Yay!

Merbie: Violets, we have a lot of interviews to do today, and everyone gets the same special Book of Questions question, and we’re going dive right in: Do you think that the world will be a better or a worse place 100 years from now?

Violets: What’s a year?

Merbie: It’s like…365 days?

Violets: Oh, the world ends in like three weeks, we’re pretty sure. But we think it’s going to get better and better until about the last few days, when it will become much too hot for us and we die!

Merbie: Violets, we’ll miss you very much in summer.

Violets: What’s summer?

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