Merbie Interviews the Season: A Purple Thing

Merbie: I’m still really uncomfortable, but they are making me talk to this purple thing. I can’t even remember what it’s called. I knew last year! I just forget. Ugh! Anyway, hello to you, forgotten purple thing!

FPT: Hi Merbie. I’m sorry you’re suffering.

Merbie: Yes, well.

FPT: So what can I answer for you today? You always have your special question, right?

Merbie: I certainly should! But I can’t even move my neck in here! So here’s a question: I remember that last year you were very tall. Your stems were very long, you looked great in a vase. Why are you so short this year? You are like 3 inches high!

FPT: Merbie, there are so many theories floating around about that, and some of them are just so reactionary, conspiracy-this, science-says-that, you know. We prefer to think it’s the will of our creator.

Merbie: Okay, I’ll just go ask someone else.

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