Dread Pirate Hobbits

Today’s word journey started because on/near the “mitosis” page were words beginning with “mithri-” which made me think of “Mithril,” which made me wonder whether I was about to learn something Tolkien would be excited for me to know, which I think I did.



It’s about poison and not armor, but since it’s about protection in some way, I feel like this really does have to do with some Hobbits’ outfits (also: let’s try that mustard). But then the wonderful wonderful thing is that while “mithridate” is any electuary* antidote/remedy/protection, “mithridatism” refers to poison immunity obtained LIKE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS DID IT.

So that is how we may finally connect

this:     mithril

to this:  princess_bride-vizzini-2.

But now we are all wondering: WTF is an alexipharmic? Ok:


Which is why I love my 1934 Webster’s International, because now I need to know SO BAD if the alexin (Greek) that makes “alexipharmic” have to do with warding off/protecting is connected to “Alexander,” and:


OMFG: “Alexander” meaning “protector of men” is actually a direct goddamn translation! I can’t even handle it.

*are you wondering about “electuary”? Because it’s about licking, and sirup.


I did look up “eclegm” but it just said the same thing.


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