Magna Cum Galērō

The pyxidium and its entry, which caught my eye while I was flipping around to see if “quotidium” was a word,* win two awards:


1. Cutest Capsule for Small Spheres (in the “With Hat” category)

2. Craziest Dang Words I’d Never Seen Before (also in the “With Hat” category)

I’ll let you know if it ends up thanking anyone, and I hope it’s been paying attention lately because it’s possible to really botch that.

* But heavens! “Quotidium”† and “pyxidium”: is that suffix-ently coincidental or what

† “Quotidium” is not a word!

 I got to “quotidium” trying to make up clever ways to say “Word(s) of the Day”; but even better: QUOTIDIOM! 

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