Just what we need…a Druish princess.

When I was little, Mel Brooks told me these were Druids:


So now I seize chances to convince myself otherwise; I found this while examining the Druid- page for any hint of Space-iness:


Yes! So rich. Let’s start with this, from a reptile message board:

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Spit bubbles?

ok my snake has been blowing little spit bubbles lately… im just wondering why does she do that?
0.0.1 Ball python. 2.1 leapard gecos. 0.1 crested geco.

Why does she do that?? She knows you want success and the favor of men in power, so she’s just trying to TCB like a good loving snake.

Now: “fabulous talisman.” My first wonder was whether there was any way in the moon that connected to teleos, having pondered teleology a little today.


And it DOES! How lovely also that “to complete” is the first gloss offered for telein here, and “make perfect” sits further down the list. We’re all going to be ok.

Now: what are those kooky feet in the upper right corner?!

They are attached to this!


Oh, just kidding…they actually form parts of Talipots, in and out of inflorescence.


…in and out of inflorescence, as we all are, without some fabulous druids’ eggs to fix everything up.

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