Confused;—of thought



In pursuit of some therapeutic lexicography today, I was investigating whether the origins or 1934 meanings of “shadow” held any great surprises; alas! Nothing revealing.

But guess what?!

In 1934, “shag” meant almost any dang thing:



And even better: definition 2c of “shaggy”:



(Also the parallel structure of 2 in general…back when dictionaries had style.)

So, wow: we’ve all been 2c. This makes me delight in cartoon Shaggy’s 2a-and b and c!-“shaggy”- ness, and possibly think with more empathy about a song I have long hated for it’s misogyny and general assholery: “It Wasn’t Me” by…the other Shaggy.*



*NB: I mean I could muster meta-empathy for Shaggy’s 2c-“shaggy”-ness, not the actual content of the song, which if you do not know, I don’t recommend seeking. Why not look up Mr. Rogers’ quotes instead? A national treasure!



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