Squidword Ho

An urgent need arose to know about “calamari.” Urgent now, yes, but also simmering since Greece, when I began with more earnestness to consider what relationship the squid-word held to the “mar” whence it came. Morphologically. Mar-phologically!

But here’s the real reason:

IMG_2333                                                                      Calamari! Callie. She’s ours and we’re hers.

And here’s the amazing thing:


Lots of amazing things, actually. A) no relation to “mar” as in sea! B) Mary! Hilarious for some reason. C) PENS! Reed pens.

Let’s see about those:


So that means a whole lot besides “pen” but so what; it also means pen and hooray for another layer of lovableness to the puppy’s name!

So to recap:



So clearly:

IMG_2297                                                                        …mightier than sword.



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