Right Rêverand

Two totally unconnected words: revere and reverie.


I find this one bonkers. The definition itself creates no dissonance (and ps, “reverence” and “reverent” and all that just refer back to this entry), but the etymology: Whoosh! Re- here is used as an intensifier (not an indication of repetition), so…to SUPER-fear (re-verereri) has become “to regard with profound respect and affection.” I just…sigh. I sigh for the humans. We will all keep at it; what else can we do?

And then, reverie! So much more fun, though also confusing.


I knew it was connected to rêver, but I didn’t know that started off in Old French as less dream-y and more raving-mad-ly. And “annoyance; rage”: yikes. So here, let us rejoice and wantonly revel in the rarity and obsolescence of definition 1, c and d!

Now: the title “Reverend” points lexically not to one who reveres but to one worthy of respect; so we aren’t all Reverends but are all reverend. “Rêverand,” though, requires no seminary, just extravagant fanciful products of the mind, and you can self-ordain. There’s no mandated clerical outfit but it’s usually something like this:


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