The Best Podicy

I happened upon this:


I found no picture of dishonesty, but I think we can all imagine.

Here’s the big picture:


And I recommend just reading every word on here, aloud if you’re up for it.

Below, we join  “honesty” mid-entry; definition 3 is the fruit-ful one. Semitransparent pods!!


(Note: I cannot get into all the thoughts I think about naming things for virgins, but if you want to hear it, please set aside an hour and give me a call.)

Now, definition 2: I don’t know what hard interpersonal things happened to whoever wrote this in 1934, but this is a serious indictment. Friends, let’s put the lie to this, this rarity and obsolescence! We can all be semitransparent pods; we can start today.

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