This Week in “Help Me Not Be Such an Ass”: Feb 16-23


Here’s what I’ve turned to for help this week:

An article by Brittney Cooper on what Prince said at the Grammys and why it matters. A taste: Prince’s remarks remind us that it is art, our ability to sit with art and all the possibilities it helps us to imagine, that is so important to our ability to value all lives, and Black lives in particular. Cooper mentions the Crunk Feminist Collective: check them out here 

And let us remember that Prince has always embodied “I don’t fucking care if you like it,” sometimes beautifully literally:

Help Me Be This Kind of Ass Instead. And thanks to Dinah for all Prince-related resources this week!

Color Lines’ series Life Cycles of Inequity: Part Three, Crime and Justice. Features an organization called The First 72+ in New Orleans; “Louisiana incarcerates a larger share of its residents than any government in the world,” and The First 72+ is a re-entry program.

Transcript of the speech Judge Carlton Reeves gave when sentencing the men who murdered James Anderson in Mississippi (published by NPR’s Code Switch. Thanks, Myra).

Billy Eichner with Big Bird and Michelle Obama, because absurdity is necessary. Definitely make it to the 6-minute mark when the quiz starts! (Thanks, Richard)

Mostly though, what I learned about being a person this week came from my strong, beautiful friends Minna and Drew, and their strong, beautiful daughter Alice. The rest is the rest.

That’s it for this week. If you have suggestions for not being such an ass, I’ll always take them.



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