Pretty Damned Cross Words*

My new project is doodled crossword puzzles. DOOZLES! Yes. I think I made this form up on a drive back from South Carolina, so if you have seen this elsewhere,** will you set me straight?

And not just doodled puzzles, but doodled Take Your Systems of Oppression and Shove Them puzzles:

Yes: a foot-binding shoe and a corset.

Below are jpegs, and if you click on one, it should pop up bigger and let you print. It’s a two-pager!

assdonut1      assholedonut2

Or, if easier, here is a  PDF of both pages.

If you need a big hint about the theme (little hint: wordplay on an aspect of feminist critical theory) click here.

If you’d like the key, that’s here.

I’m going to be doing more of these, so suggestions of all sorts are invited.

*Does it mean “Really Very Angry Units of Language” or “Pleasing to the Eye, Consigned to The Fires Puzzles”? Oh: yes!

And “pretty” is especially interesting etymologically; the main bits I noted below are the origin in deceit and trickery (so, you know, shoes that make your feet pretend to be smaller, or garments that make your hip-to-waist ratio pretend to be the stupid Golden Ratio) and the complete lack of explanation for how we get to the “considerably” usage. Even the online etymology dictionary is mum on the connection!  A pretty tricky mystery.



Two words to bring from 1934 to 2015: “prettikin” and “prettyism.” Let’s do it!

** “Doozles” seems to be a frozen custard shop in Missouri! But I mean if you have seen hand-drawn puzzles somewhere.

UPDATE, BREAKING NEWS! But it involves the answer to an entry, so don’t read until you’ve finished the puzzle…

Ok: I received a Q: “Is this, in addition to referencing feminist critical theory and the tendency of some men to get a vacant look in their eyes when women speak, also referencing a sexual practice called “glazing the donut”? A: No! I just learned about that from the questioner! Yikes.

Also: 47 across clue should be “You and I” not “You and me.” (Thanks, Romey! We’ll fix it in post.)

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