Her Hammer Pantses

In late 2010, I sent an email to 8 or so people with the subject line “perhaps this will come in handy someday,” and it had the following content, with no explanation:

And indeed, today it came in handy–today I found out our dear sweet terrible Frances died during the night at the vet’s, and I wanted my song but couldn’t remember all the words. I ritualize, so I will be re-recording this gem in the near future (with BANJO), but for now, please enjoy its raw silliness, and turn on your faucet for Frances!

She will be missed.

3 thoughts on “Her Hammer Pantses

  1. Farewell, Frances. Faucet wide open here in San Diego despite the drought.
    Using your guest bathroom will never be the same.~~door slams open, where’s my damn food?~~
    Sweet dreams, darlin’. Have a nice long nap in the sun.


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