Five Days On

There is so much to say, and it’s being said, so mostly I am in listening/reading (and hugging) mode right now. (Also, hiding-in-a-novel mode when I need to. May I recommend Alexander Chee’s Queen of the Night?)

But I was at Facing Race this past week. It was exactly where to be. The smarts and strength of the people in this country doing the most impactful racial justice work would hearten you. And: there was a clear thread of “liberal white women: please get yourselves together.” And who am I? And who do I know lots of? Liberal white women! So here is what I have to say, published in Huffington Post, with love.

White Women: Let Us Think Before We Tweet


4 thoughts on “Five Days On

  1. This is a little ray of light. Yes of course your insight and wisdom. And YES! You’re in the HUFFINGTON POST!! Yay for that. Yay for you and what you wrote. Now to reread, and keep working!




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