Quick Bonus! Me Huff Post-ing

Usually-more-curmudgeonly Doug Henwood wrote this yesterday:

“Some of these left critiques of today’s marches are bumming me out. Yes the overall tone was liberal [NB from SB: he means this critically, and as opposed to socialism, rather than conservativism] and yes an episodic march or two means nothing without long-term organizing. That’s obvious. But the new president of the U.S. was greeted with worldwide protests against his rule. When did that ever happen before? It was inspiring.

There’s a lot of potential for the left, whoever we are, to peel away the kinds of people who marched today — many of whom probably never did before — when Schumer and Pelosi disappoint them. Don’t be sourpusses.”

YES! AND ALSO: lest women of color be the primary voices asking white women (again) to a) broaden our understanding of feminist history and b) use this as a point from which to do better, I published this on Huff Post today.

It’s ok with me if it bums Doug Henwood out, but it’s not a critique of the March(es), which gave me life too–just a plea to see them as having a context we must attend to.

Because this is, correctly, all over the internet:

white-feminism(Photo: Angela Peoples and Kevin Banatte)

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