Just a Little Loof


It’s me, still!

Can you spot a loof in this picture?

You know, I think in the face of just the political world being complete trash, I would still have written regularly. I think in the face of just being all pregnant, I might still have written regularly. But the two combined? Please.

So here we are today: The House passed their death bill, and I am at 38.5 weeks. That means a baby could come any time in the next three weeks. Isn’t that CRAZY? We just hang out, and at some point, the baby comes.

It’s been weird not to need to write, actually. Oh yes: When I write it’s because I need to, and I tend to need to all the time, to help me work out what I’m thinking, or to get me present to myself, or to connect across space and time. But, not these days.

And while the political world really, really is trash, it’s definitely more the pregnancy that’s effected this change in need. A friend recently was talking about her own sense of pregnancy and used the best, best word: aloof.

And really, who knows what kind of need I’m going to have to tell you about words in the next couple of months…so here’s something, until next time.


Obviously, it’s just really fun that this started off nautical. I remember learning about “luffing” in Reed College sailing class, where we sailed on the squirrelly-winded Willamette and our teacher told us this was like training at altitude–if we could sail there, we could anywhere (I’ve…never sailed again, but preserve a now-dangerous sense that I could so so ANYWHERE!).

My favorite because it’s most apt for my pregnancy is adv. 2: “At a distance… but within view.” I like that it’s an adverb, because that’s never how it’s used anymore but it’s nice that way. So I can walk aloof, talk aloof, rock around the clock aloof!

And because I write aloof too at the moment… I’m already done! A nice short one.

Now: To windward!



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