Quick Bonus: me in Huff Post


I have written something on the intersection of white supremacy and K-12 education; particularly, the power that educators have to shift norms, and which ones we might attend to.

It took longer than anticipated to write, which has me thinking about what I’d advocate as a cycle for white people committed to working against white supremacy to engage in: acknowledging our limitations, particularly fear that we will do it wrong because we carry the racism of this country in us; acting anyway, because we morally must; welcoming and integrating feedback, particularly from people of color. A lot of us get stuck in one or more of those spots! I was stuck in acknowledging my limitations. I was acknowledging them vehemently and loudly to myself. But here’s my attempt at acting anyway. I welcome your feedback and will seek to integrate it (in the piece, and in me).

It’s here.