Holy cannoli. I have realized that I cannot do all of the following pieces of my life: momming Renn, working a full time job, staying connected to beloved ones near and far, making public things out of words, and working politically. The first two are non-negotiable, and I’m needing to combine the others in interesting ways otherwise I don’t get to do them.

So, beloved ones, did you know that my puzzles appear in Asheville’s weekly arts and culture paper, Mountain Xpress? They DO (though not weekly because I just can’t)! And they are super local and wouldn’t make sense elsewhere, but my new plan is to make non-Asheville versions and put them here. Here is one I made in partnership with beloved Minna Scholten. It was for the MountainX’s “wellness/diet issue, it’s called “Compassionfruit,” and it’s political af.


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