Can You Even

I was just eating a cannoli, lucky me, and admiring its crisp tubishness, and wondered suddenly if the word has any relation to “can,” as in the metal kind, often also tubish. And it does!

Both come from Latin canna, a reed or pipe*. So, for that matter, does “cane.”

While what I can find on “can” and “cannoli” (which you are right to imagine is derived from the cute/diminutive form of canna) just stops at Latin, the entry for “cane” keeps on reaching back:

Sumerian-Akkadian! I truly do not see that every day.

Anyway, please incorporate this information into your life as best you cannoli.**



*Ok there’s a chance “can” comes from German but we don’t know and this story is better, so.

** The “is able to” kind of “can” is definitely from German so this sentence is even more nonsense than it looks to be.

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