Quit Assking

A while back I made up a word analogous to “philosophy/φιλοσοφία,” (love of wisdom): “philerotisi/Φιλερώτηση “(love of questions). And: sure. I stand by that word. “Live the questions!” smart spiritual people say, because Rilke said it and because it’s wise. Lately though I’ve noticed that I have so many questions, like just way more I can “live” … More Quit Assking

Dear friends, It’s been a while. This is going to be sad and tell you things about me that you won’t be able to un-know, so if that’s not what you need at this moment, come on back later, or never, as you see fit. (Here’s your chance to go eat a sandwich instead. That … More

Genius and Theft

To start: if you haven’t looked into #ReclaimMLK, I urge you to do so. There, (and here, at the Movement for Black Lives action site), you’ll find ways to counter the “Santa-Clausified” narrative (per Cornel West) of King that overlooks or denies his radicalism, his critiques of capitalism, his disappointment with white moderates, and his refusal … More Genius and Theft

Omnipatent Cells

Oh heavens, y’all, I have not felt like I had it in me to write for a bit, but like those other things that “if you think you don’t have time for ___, you EXTRA need to do it, probably to save yourself from yourself” (i.e. exercise, meditation), writing on here is something I can … More Omnipatent Cells

Hanging, Together

When I’m talking with people I love and who love me, there’s usually an undercurrent–sometimes deep under, sometimes right at the conversational surface–of the question “How should we live?” We report to each other our latest thoughts on possible answers, or how things have worked out as we acted according to some hypothesis or another, or … More Hanging, Together