Heidi Be Thy Name

The title of this post has two sources: Anne Lamott, who is Christian and frequently discusses religion in a way that works to make us all laugh and not think all Christians compete in the Hatelymics; she says she has a friend who calls God “Howard…as in Howard Be Thy Name.” The other source is what … More Heidi Be Thy Name

Oh, Don’t Be Criticulous

Let’s stipulate that there are Perspectives on “Critical”: like, there are contexts in which people say “booo, ‘critical’” and others in which people say “yaaaaay, ‘critical!’” Now: the ways we use “crit_” (-ical, -icism, all the aunts and cousins) vary enough to almost obviate analysis of this boo/yay (like: if you use “critical” to mean “mean” and I use it … More Oh, Don’t Be Criticulous

To Deprive of Cover

Hi, friends: being so explicit about my thinking here unnerves me, because I might do it all wrong, and I really might, and I’m still going to do it because inattention finally (bleah) began to feel like complicity. So! To it. My friend Shelley asked recently, with frustrated incredulity and without an expectation of an answer, “How can anyone say … More To Deprive of Cover

Quoth RuPaul: “I have one thing to say: sashay, shante; shante, shante, shante.”

I have a new plan: to finally learn the bass drum like I’ve always wanted (always? oh I don’t know…certainly since marching for peace and justice in parades when I was little; much, much more since seeing Gogol Bordello on New Year’s Eve with Erin and Jason in 2007, like this but clothed), and dust off … More Quoth RuPaul: “I have one thing to say: sashay, shante; shante, shante, shante.”


Oh mercy: it is hard to be uncomfortable—to just be it. Brene Brown says there’s a psychological definition of blame as the discharge of pain or discomfort; it sort of seems like that’s only her definition, but who cares, because oof it sounds right. When I have discomfort, I want to get rid of it, expel it, get the crap off and … More Wrongeous/Indignation