Hello! Holy cannoli. I have realized that I cannot do all of the following pieces of my life: momming Renn, working a full time job, staying connected to beloved ones near and far, making public things out of words, and working politically. The first two are non-negotiable, and I’m needing to combine the others in … More Compassionfruit

1.21 Peoplewatts

From October 10-18, people all over the country participated in the people-powered US Department of Arts and Culture’s national action: #Dare to Imagine. They engaged with each other and with Emissaries from the Future at Imagination Stations, using arts and participatory processes to co-envision the future they hope to live in in 2035, and begin to … More 1.21 Peoplewatts

Dare to Imagine

Hey y’all! If you’ve been playing along at home, you may know that Today is The Day: it’s…THE FUTURE! I’m participating in the US Dept. of Arts and Culture’s national action, #DareToImagine, by facilitating a collaboratively-clued crossword puzzle from the 2035 we hope we get to live in. This means we get to write what we … More Dare to Imagine

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June 26, 2015

Last Friday was such a day–one where events in the outer world are just so dang much, and in every way…trouble, and beauty. The inner-world effect for me after the immediacy of both wears off is the grave discomfort of realizing that my worldview is now, once more, insufficient for the world I am viewing, and so … More June 26, 2015