Operation Hot Smother

Chickens get something disgusting called scaly leg mites, and new gray Audie Cornish Hen has them. It’s appalling and I feel awful for not having synthesized some indicators earlier, so I am soothing myself by channeling Arrested-ly Development-al absurdity. Please join me in remembering the glorious Operation Hot Mother! Here you see two steps of the treatment … More Operation Hot Smother

For crying out, loud…

Good lord…have you considered the relationship between “explore” and, say, “deplore”? “Implore”?! PLORE, from Latin plorare (cf. pleurer in French, llorar in Spanish): to cry. To cry out! Here’s who made me look that up: (Audie Cornish Hen, having none of it yesterday) (And in the meltiness today, exploring like a chamn dampion!)


Next time you are in a guest bathroom, I invite you to daydream about the spectacular range of other guests that may have come before you. I offer ours as fodder for your reveries. (when it’s 9 degrees at night, we worry about these ladies outside)

The streaky wet blurs seen here are from a mild windexing I gave the outside of this window about 4 hours ago. I also wiped it off. It just doesn’t even matter here. It won’t dry until tomorrow. Would you like some mold? We also have that!