Just a Little Loof

Hello! It’s me, still! You know, I think in the face of just the political world being complete trash, I would still have written regularly. I think in the face of just being all pregnant, I might still have written regularly. But the two combined? Please. So here we are today: The House passed their death bill, and I … More Just a Little Loof

Handing Us Over

It’s not the case that I feel unable to do all normal things since the election, but I have experienced confusion in doing normal things that are meaningful to me, including writing. Lidia Yuknavitch said recently “Writing is just a different way to march.” I believe that. And, some writing I can do would be like … More Handing Us Over

Five Days On

There is so much to say, and it’s being said, so mostly I am in listening/reading (and hugging) mode right now. (Also, hiding-in-a-novel mode when I need to. May I recommend Alexander Chee’s Queen of the Night?) But I was at Facing Race this past week. It was exactly where to be. The smarts and … More Five Days On

Life Suckles

A word I’ve been thinking a lot to myself lately is “nourish.” This surprises me, because until the beginning of the month it had been on an internal list I evidently maintain called “words that are beautiful but have ruined by Real Simple (et al).” But then I got back from arting camp and found that in the following swirl of … More Life Suckles

(S)laughter is the Best Medicine

Slay: slaughter :: ____: laughter? It’s shit like this that made me love being a teacher of English to multilingual speakers; I felt dispositionally and linguistically well-suited to absorb their incredulity, because really: WTF. This started, as everything does nowadays, because of Beyoncé’s “Formation.” “Slay” as an alternate verb for “perform magnificently” has been around … More (S)laughter is the Best Medicine

Genius and Theft

To start: if you haven’t looked into #ReclaimMLK, I urge you to do so. There, (and here, at the Movement for Black Lives action site), you’ll find ways to counter the “Santa-Clausified” narrative (per Cornel West) of King that overlooks or denies his radicalism, his critiques of capitalism, his disappointment with white moderates, and his refusal … More Genius and Theft

The Balm Dot Com/Salve Us From Ourselves

“Balm” started knocking at my consciousness on Christmas Eve; I was reading in the bathtub. Arlene Goldbard’s “A Culture of Possibility: Art, Artists, and the Future” is a beautiful book about the role of art and culture in public life, and it’s written in two parts: part one is divided into 28 mini-arguments for the public purpose of … More The Balm Dot Com/Salve Us From Ourselves