Hello! Holy cannoli. I have realized that I cannot do all of the following pieces of my life: momming Renn, working a full time job, staying connected to beloved ones near and far, making public things out of words, and working politically. The first two are non-negotiable, and I’m needing to combine the others in … More Compassionfruit

Newly [Née]med Part 1: The Pun Is Dead, Long Live the Pun!

Hello friends, I have retired the name “inter ruralia.” I loved it so, and still do! But I mean…it’s a 10 minute walk to a brewery, a cidery, a French bakery, a cake shop, a taco shop, a pizza place, a dumpling place, and an “URBAN HOMESTEADING STORE.” “Inter ruralia,” while honestly one of my … More Newly [Née]med Part 1: The Pun Is Dead, Long Live the Pun!

And Eating It, Too

I am so curious how many people without children or experience with childbirth have any idea what the hell a placenta is or does. I certainly had no clue–I knew the term “afterbirth,” which I think I associated with novels set on the plains before statehood, as likely to feature animal births as human ones. … More And Eating It, Too