And Eating It, Too

I am so curious how many people without children or experience with childbirth have any idea what the hell a placenta is or does. I certainly had no clue–I knew the term “afterbirth,” which I think I associated with novels set on the plains before statehood, as likely to feature animal births as human ones. … More And Eating It, Too

Just a Little Loof

Hello! It’s me, still! You know, I think in the face of just the political world being complete trash, I would still have written regularly. I think in the face of just being all pregnant, I might still have written regularly. But the two combined? Please. So here we are today: The House passed their death bill, and I … More Just a Little Loof

Help Me Get These Boots On: February 4, 2017

Hello, beautiful boot-wearers!* So I hope you have had a nice week trying to hold in your mind things like “now there is an EO designed to ban Muslims**” AND “now the congressional switchboards are melting, because the most ever people are like ‘no the fuck thank you.’” Both at once. Everything at once. To get my boots … More Help Me Get These Boots On: February 4, 2017

Handing Us Over

It’s not the case that I feel unable to do all normal things since the election, but I have experienced confusion in doing normal things that are meaningful to me, including writing. Lidia Yuknavitch said recently “Writing is just a different way to march.” I believe that. And, some writing I can do would be like … More Handing Us Over