Puzzles to Solve

If you want no context, just puzzles, go straight to online-version-land (interactive puzzles, also available as printable PDFs, some constructed by me alone and some from Participatory Democrossy processes)

If you want to solve puzzles by just me, and read a little about them, click here.

And, below are a few standouts from Participatory Democrossy events.


IMG_0492.jpg “Filled Up, Down, and Across: A Puzzle for Empty Bowls.” Clued by Carrollton’s Rotarians. Online and PDF.



MJHS grid “Literary Cats,” clued by The People of the Maynard Jackson High School Bookfair (and other Barnes and Noble patrons). Online and PDF.


IMG_0334_2“Brain Break(age),” clued by The People of Ingram Library at University of West Georgia during finals week. Online and PDF.

IMG_0319“Beneath the Surface,” clued at Underground Books. Online and computery-grid PDF  and handdrawn-grid PDF.

kite for ir  “Let’s Go Fly,” clued at the Atlanta World Kite Festival and Expo, with an assist from BN Mini-Maker-Faire-goers. Online and PDF.

futureofdemocrossy hand for IR#DareToImagine: “The Future Is,” AKA the Future of Democrossy, AKA the Crossword Puzzle from the Future, clued by Carrolltonians at the #Dare to Imagine Imagination Station at the Tour de Carroll ride, as well as remotely by awesome others. Online and PDF , and read a post about it here.

fist“All Puzzles to the People” AKA “the raised fist puzzle,” clued by Atlanta Maker Faire-Goers. Online and PDF.

make“Laissez-Faire-Enough,”  clued by Atlanta Maker Faire-Goers . 

IMG_0304“Mini-Made”, clued by BN Mini-Maker-Faire-Goers at Barnes and Noble Edgewood. PDF (typed clues) or PDF (handwritten)  or online.