Ever more wor d’oeuvres

This week’s small news in words is here! 1. “Caper” the piccata ingredient and “caper” the film genre aren’t related. 2. “Sin” comes from the Proto-Indo-European for “to be.” That’s intense! 3. “Relish” in the sense of a “condiment which imparts flavor” started as Latin for “loosening/stretching” and then French for “leaving behind” and then … More Ever more wor d’oeuvres

Wor d’oeuvres

Hey folks: listen, I look up etymologies basically daily. And I’m always like couuuuld this be a whole post and doooooo I have that in me? And the answer is usually “god I don’t know but now I feel bad that I haven’t written one and probably won’t.” And then everyone loses! So guess what, … More Wor d’oeuvres