Ever more wor d’oeuvres

This week’s small news in words is here! 1. “Caper” the piccata ingredient and “caper” the film genre aren’t related. 2. “Sin” comes from the Proto-Indo-European for “to be.” That’s intense! 3. “Relish” in the sense of a “condiment which imparts flavor” started as Latin for “loosening/stretching” and then French for “leaving behind” and then … More Ever more wor d’oeuvres

Some more wor d’oeuvres

Hi! Here’s the latest: 1. “Gossip” comes from two words you’d recognize: “God” and “sibb” (relative, as in “sibling”)–so, basically the godparent of your kid, meaning someone you are super close to and to whom you would presumably talk alllllll the shit. And thence the verb. 2. Honduras means “depths.” 3. “Tentacle” and “tentative” have … More Some more wor d’oeuvres

Wor d’oeuvres

Hey folks: listen, I look up etymologies basically daily. And I’m always like couuuuld this be a whole post and doooooo I have that in me? And the answer is usually “god I don’t know but now I feel bad that I haven’t written one and probably won’t.” And then everyone loses! So guess what, … More Wor d’oeuvres