Every bunny wants to rule the world.

Hi! It has really been a while. I was in DC last week, and here’s one friend I sort of made:


“Sort of” because this bunny was advertised as a biter, so I never all the way stopped fearing it.

Do you know what else is a bunny? A squirrel! See below.


So of course we have to know what “3d BUN” is…


I love this for several reasons: 1. A bunny is so named after its silly little stump tail! 2. I want to know whether hair buns are named after 3d BUN bunny tails or Gaelic bun-stumps. I vote stumps. 3. Squirrels have the least stumpy tails ever! Squirrels are the peacocks of the acorn eating set. Why are squirrels bunnies in 1934?!

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