Dear Friends

Hello! Well. A lot has happened! To everyone and everything. I am not really going to write this blog anymore. I still am personally fascinated by words, how they connect to each other, the past, us, and the future, but writing here hasn’t called to me for a bit. But, I have recently started something, … More Dear Friends

Une chanson pour ma sirène/Una canción para mi Siren[n]a

Usually in weeks where the news is this terrible, I don’t want to write, unless it is about that terrible news. I think this is because to write about some word I think is neat seems disrespectful , particularly to those most directly affected by the catastrophe. This week, though, there is so much terrible … More Une chanson pour ma sirène/Una canción para mi Siren[n]a

And Eating It, Too

I am so curious how many people without children or experience with childbirth have any idea what the hell a placenta is or does. I certainly had no clue–I knew the term “afterbirth,” which I think I associated with novels set on the plains before statehood, as likely to feature animal births as human ones. … More And Eating It, Too

Handing Us Over

It’s not the case that I feel unable to do all normal things since the election, but I have experienced confusion in doing normal things that are meaningful to me, including writing. Lidia Yuknavitch said recently “Writing is just a different way to march.” I believe that. And, some writing I can do would be like … More Handing Us Over

Life Suckles

A word I’ve been thinking a lot to myself lately is “nourish.” This surprises me, because until the beginning of the month it had been on an internal list I evidently maintain called “words that are beautiful but have ruined by Real Simple (et al).” But then I got back from arting camp and found that in the following swirl of … More Life Suckles